5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2022

Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark
(Last Updated On: January 13, 2022)

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Ashley Lipman, a content marketing specialist.

Entrepreneurs spend every day juggling tasks and moving from one responsibility to another. In many cases, a solo entrepreneur acts as CEO, salesperson, accountant, and marketer.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps available to help improve productivity, simplify processes and keep things moving smoothly. Determining which apps are worth using and which are a waste of time is the challenge.

Here are five apps that every entrepreneur should bookmark in 2022.


For many entrepreneurs, there’s a lot of overlap between personal and business finance. With so much on the go, monitoring finances and taking a deeper dive into one’s credit score (business or personal) falls by the wayside. This deferral works well until it doesn’t. Many entrepreneurs find themselves startled by a credit score in free fall when they go to a lender for financing.

DisputeBee is an application that helps entrepreneurs navigate the process of identifying negative items on their credit reports and having them removed. Using a tool like this can help you increase your credit score so that you can secure financing to scale your enterprise. As filing disputes and correcting one’s credit score takes time, using DisputeBee ensures that everything is moving forward behind the scenes.


While everyone should be mindful of their mental health and overall wellness, being an entrepreneur adds some complexities to self-care. As a business owner, your mental health is a part of the business. Entrepreneurs are more prone to burnout, stress, anxiety, and a host of other issues. When those problems pick up, they have a direct impact on the business.

Sanvello is an app formulated with health professionals and built around the strategies of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). There are options for both self-led programs and therapist-led programs. Within the app, you’ll conduct weekly check-ins and receive meditations, programs, and health tracking goals.

This is a great app to oversee your self-care as an entrepreneur. You can use this to track simple things like your daily water intake or to practice reframing and stress reduction. Sanvello is a must-have in 2021.


Many remote teams and entrepreneurs have been moving their project management efforts to Asana this past year, and for a good reason. Asana is a streamlined, centralized platform that you and your team can access from anywhere. It integrates with various other business tools for a holistic ecosystem to move your business forward.

Like many other project management platforms, Asana offers task breakdowns, accountability assignments, and time tracking. However, the intuitive interface and simplification of these steps put this app a cut above the rest.


If you’re an entrepreneur who sells products or offers retainer services, time tracking might not be at the top of your mind. After all, you get paid the same whether it takes you ten minutes or ten hours to complete a task.

However, creating mindfulness around where your time is going is paramount as an entrepreneur. You might track your time and determine that you’re drastically undercharging on your retainer services. Or, you might see that you’re spending ten hours a week crafting social media posts when you could outsource to a virtual assistant.

Toggl is intuitive and straightforward and will help you be your own boss in the traditional sense of the word: by adding accountability.

Accompany by Cisco

Accompany is a must-have app for networking, researching clients and competitors, and preparing for meetings. This data aggregator will send you updates about if a contact is celebrating a work anniversary, if a client’s company is in the news, and other useful information so that you’re always in the know.

Most importantly, Accompany keeps you informed without putting the onus on you to spend time online. As such, you focus on high-value tasks as a business owner without sacrificing the smaller connections and background work that makes you successful.

With these five apps, you can revolutionize your entrepreneurial experience in 2022.

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