The Best Lead Generation Tools: Lead Gen & Management Software Compared

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What distinguishes one lead generation tool from another? What tool work best for your CRM software? How does the software integrate into your software stack? Does the software include the features you need? How does someone determine the best CRM marketing tools?

Typically, CRM (customer relationship management) software relates to the sales cycle. Now CRM marketing software provides a comprehensive approach to view your business. The leading lead generation tools work with CRM marketing software suites and offer a complete marketing solution to manage your business.

Check out these tools and features, which will help identify the best options for your company.

CRM Marketing Software

crm marketing software


Infusionsoft is a must-use tool for e-commerce companies who are interested in marketing automation. They offer multiple packages that allow any company to start generating leads with landing pages and unlimited forms for a site. There are many integrations for Infusionsoft such as EventBrite, Quickbooks, and WordPress.


SumoMe a very popular tool, and chances are you’ve seen it all over the web. When you visit a site that has an optin form and you have to scroll down to see the content, this is SumoMe’s Welcome mat. They offer several tools to help with traffic and lead generation, including Welcome Mat, Scroll Box, and Smart Bar.


10 years ago HubSpot was founded and began educating the world on Inbound Marketing. The software is an all-in-one platform where you can manage content marketing, lead generation, forms, landing pages, email series and workflows, and segmentation. There are additional add-ons for CRM and PPC.


Marketo is enterprise level lead management and generation software. The software is great for lists of more than 10,000 records, and the platform has multiple unique features for segmentation based on visits, lead scoring, and more. They also interestingly, handle mobile marketing.


This is the infamous bar at the top of a website that collects leads by standing out, yet not interfering with the user experience. You can get it as a standalone at HelloBar. They offer A/B testing, Content personalization, and Analytics.


When you want to know what technologies a website uses turn to SimilarTech. You can also get lists of companies using a combination of products, top company categories, and geographical information about technology usage. You’ll be able to generate lists of companies to add to your lead management software.


This entry level lead management product was one of the first in its price range to offer landing pages along with lead generation and light marketing automation. The cost is very friendly and the landing pages are easy to use. Most recently they’ve added a webinar feature comparable to other webinar providers and in the same account.


AWeber helps you get started with marketing automation. They allow affiliate links and selling through their platform, and they have a very easy to use interface. They integrate with many tools and start at a low monthly rate. Their deliverability rate is high, and they help you understand spam score so your messages get into more inboxes.

Omnistar Tell

Want to increase sales and referrals while saving money in the process? Omnistar Tell is the tool for you because it is a trusted referral marketing tool that can help your business grow by getting more leads and sales through referral marketing. The software integrates with many popular eCommerce apps, such as Shopify, MailChimp, and PayPal.


Datanyze specializes in generating lead information from technographics. Technographics are pieces of information that explain what technology a company is using to run their business. Datanyze integrates with Salesforce to continually update your lead information based on technology use changes and helps software sales companies choose accounts to sell to based on their tool usage.


Similar to Datanyze, Clearbit uses its several data points to scan the internet for lead information. The data can then be synced with your CRM. They also have a Chrome extension for lead prospecting and a Slack integration that notifies you about new leads.

Sales representatives need a CRM that works with their processes and that is the goal at They have plans specifically for freelancers and sales teams. Users seem to enjoy the simple interface. Included in the plan are API access, call recording, and automatic call tracking.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is in an entry level price range but can easily be used by any business. They have tools for generating leads, such as landing pages and forms for websites, as well as the entire CRM system, including marketing automation. Segmenting leads is simple with their drag and drop automation interface.


This lead management software does one thing really well- marketing automation. Upload your list, or have it imported through Zapier, then design as many drip series as necessary. This tool has some of the best automation features on the market including personalization based on website visiting behaviors. The also offer expert review of your email series once you are ready to set them live.


WordPress users loved Leadin when it first came out years ago. It is a free plugin that shows how people traveled through your site, and where they came from, before and after filling out a form. Previously you could only get this kind of tracking through a company like HubSpot. HubSpot ended up buying this plugin and it is now part of the free marketer plan on It still works with WordPress sites.


Another tool specifically for WordPress sites, OptinMonster helps you generate leads by displaying beautiful and eye-catching forms. These include pop-ups, exit intent, sidebars, top bars, bottom bars, pop ins, and A/B testing. You can design the form area to your specifications or use one of the templates they include.


While traditionally people think of on-site chat as a customer service tool, Drift is quickly changing that idea. Drift is a chat tool but it is focused on helping you convert your visitors into leads. Just recently, they introduce Driftbot, an artificial intelligence bot that will hold conversations with visitors to convert them without needing your help. They are constantly adding more features and educational material to help you up your sales game.

Nimble CRM

Widely known as a CRM for freelancers Nimble takes everything a freelancer needs from a CRM such as contact information and adds more. Files can be attached to projects and clients, social media information is pulled for each client, and there is a kanban board for keeping track of projects.


A long time player in lead management, Act-on helps users manage multiple lists, send triggered email, track content on their site, and understand reports. This is more than a tool for leads, it is an all-in-one platform for digital marketing that focuses on content. Send emails, write blog posts, and set up social media.


For sales and marketing, Salesfusion is a CRM and automation tool that lets you handle sales on the same platform as your marketing activities. They offer helpful support in optimizing your campaigns and software solution, and will even handle your marketing for you. They also include surveys and webinars in their feature stack.


Pardot is marketing automation for B2B companies through Salesforce. if you are already using Salesforce as a CRM for your sales team, this is the perfect addition as it can easily import record information and provide more data for sales as well. It is the most popular of Salesforce’s marketing options and it offers the personalization that Salesforce is widely known for.

Campaign Monitor

One of few companies that offer marketing automation and transactional emails, Campaign Monitor works as a lead manager, and features lead generation forms for your website. One nice feature of CM is that it tracks when and where your emails are being opened in real-time, you can see that John from San Diego just opened your email, Jennifer from NYC just clicked your link, etc.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

Any salesperson knows that Linkedin is a hot place to be to drum up business. Linkedin knows it too, so they offer a version of their paid subscription called Lead Accelerator. While this is really a pay per click platform, the segmentation is key, and when done right you can generate engaged leads for your team.


Another CRM, but this one is great for small sales teams and freelancers because it also includes project management. They have impressive business reports and integrate social media profile information to make sure you have all available data for your lead.

Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM is a very simple CRM that makes it easy to collect leads, add data to their record, look at their social media profiles, and increase sales. Pricing is very simple, on a per seat basis, and there are multiple levels of feature access. Specifically, with the PRO level, you get funnel data, team data, and sales process automation.


SugarCRM is one of the only CRMs that offers an open source version. You can put it up on your site and run it yourself or you can use their hosted version that includes support, high deliverability, and many other features not available in the open source edition. If you are starting out, the open version works very well on your own server. When you are ready the paid version is available and offers everything you miss in the free version.

Zoho CRM

Zoho definitely includes features for managing leads, but they offer much more than this, too. Inside their contact management toolset, they offer forms, lead apps, social media, workflows, mobile CRM, and lead scoring. Since they offer other programs, this easily integrates with any other Zoho branded product.


Interested in gathering more leads? Digioh puts a massive spotlight on increasing your lead generation by offering forms that are captivating and engaging for your visitors. The average user increases leads 2x in the first 7 days. They have a unique feature that offers personalized forms based on who the visitor is, this contributes to the quick growth users generally see.


Popular in the UK, SALESmanago is a go-to platform for marketing automation, lead generation, and lead management. They are used by impressive brands like Pizza Hut, WWF, and Toys R Us, and incorporate machine learning and AI into your marketing funnels, something most automation platforms do not include.


One of the most popular sales and lead management tools available, Salesforce offers a massive array of CRM tools and integrations. Just about every serious sales related program will integrate with Salesforce. However, the cost of using SF can often be expensive since it is an industry staple.


Perhaps not specifically a lead generation tool, Growbots is a database of leads, that also offers email drip features so that you can pull your leads and send then emails in one platform. A nice feature with Growbots is the focus on up-to-date data, which is always welcome as it helps you avoid bounces.

Thrive Ultimatum

When you want to collect lead information in WordPress this plugin could be the one you need. Ultimatum gives your visitors an offer that will run out if they don’t accept it. It forces a scarcity mindset on the visitor and is said to improve visit-to-lead conversions.

Divi Theme

At first glance, Divi Theme is just a WordPress theme, but it’s one of the most customizable themes, and it offers extensive options for landing pages, which help you generate leads. Offered by Elegant Themes, Divi also comes with a dedicated community who make and share other layouts for the theme.

Beaver Builder

Similar to Divi, this builder has landing pages, and drag and drop modules. It also has a landing page template that is customizable with any of the 30+ modules available in the theme. You’ll use your imagination to create your page.


When you want to produce a lot of landing pages on WordPress, OptimizePress could be the best choice. There are templates, forms, and pre-made elements that are simple to add to the page with integrations to your favorite tools. This is made specifically to give you the best of landing pages options in WP.

Open Leads

A sales program that helps you manage your leads, prospects, and other contacts. This easy-to-use option is perfect for setting up automated email responses, scheduling follow ups, storing notes, and sending mass emails.


When you want to know when important actions are taken on your website, MadKudu helps. If you want to react any time a request for an advanced demo is scheduled, this is the tool you need. It integrates with Slack and works to help you manage your leads and their actions.


A lot of companies use Google apps for their business email. If you do, check out Boomerang, you can schedule the sending of emails to your leads, and get email reminders to handle lead related tasks later.


Would you like to handle your leads right inside Google? Why not? Bitrix lets you do just that, you can read emails, handle sales automation, run reports and more. This is a great solution for companies that are low on cash but need a tool to begin their growth journey.


Browsing Linkedin looking for leads? LeadGibbon might be able to help you quickly generate the email addresses of prospective leads as you search the internet. Sign up to get a 7-day free trial, and start adding leads to your database.


Another solution to help you manage leads, ActiveCampaign does it all. They handle marketing, sales, automation, emails, and dynamic content. You’ll find forms for lead generation, and easy mail segmentation.


Newer to the lead management and generation industry is ConvertKit, and people seem to really like it. It is one of the easiest interfaces to use, and anyone can jump in and get started. Their pricing is fair, the team is very supportive, and they aim to help you be successful.

Email Marketing Software

email marketing software


Likely, one of the most popular list building tools available, MailChimp is known for their ability to start managing a list for free. They offer hundreds of integrations, making it one of the easiest tools to work with. Your first automated email, when a new subscriber joins, is sent for free for up to 2,000 list members per month.

Constant Contact

With today’s tools and technology email should be beautiful, and Constant Contact agrees. When you are in an industry where there looks matter, like retail, fashion, etc, this tool helps by offering templates loaded with color and imagery.


Another different approach to lead generation comes from Mailshake, a social media, and email outreach tool that makes it easy to send cold emails and ask people to share content or take another action. Originally known as ContentMarketer and built by Sujan Patel, the software graduated into this super easy drip emailing tool.


This marketing automation tool is a platform that focuses on content & email marketing. Inside you can build a blog, landing pages, use forms, manage your email list, a CRM to manage your leads, and useful analytics. In reviews, users appreciate the lower price for large email lists, and the ability to have month-to-month contracts.


A newer tool in the lead generation and management space, SendX offers a few more free features than MailChimp such as the ability to send automated emails on a free account. There is a limit to the number of monthly emails that can be sent, but it’s a great way to get started. So far, few integrations exist.


Manage your leads with this tool that helps you verify email addresses, and clean bounced emails from your CRM and email sending tools. While you can use your own tool to look for these emails, NeverBounce makes it easier and automates the process without being a headache you have to handle.

Social Media Tools


Have thousands of fans on social media but you aren’t getting them to convert into leads? Woobox can help because the software enables giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, on social media channels like Facebook. Their interface helps you set up the best contest and turn it into leads for marketing and sales.


Everyone on Facebook loves quizzes right? On some level that must include your leads. Interact offers a platform for running your quizzes and generating engaged leads from your visitors. Their interface is easy to use and will help increase conversions.


Yes, this is a social media tool but used the right way, you can easily generate leads from your social mentions. When your company or keywords are ‘mentioned’ you’ll get a notification. You can add problem keywords to monitor and then you can use these notifications to offer landing pages with solutions to generate leads. This also integrates with Slack, so notifications will be timely.