The Best New Haven Digital Marketing Companies

New Haven Digital Marketing Companies
(Last Updated On: February 12, 2021)

For a business to stay modern and relevant in this day and age requires a strong digital presence. There are many great digital marketing companies in New Haven, Connecticut that will work hard to promote your business, but how do you know which one will have the best tools and tactics for your brand?

The best digital marketing companies in New Haven are familiar with a wide range of marketing channels and technologies so that they can build a comprehensive strategy specific to your business’s needs. Fortunately, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Here we have compiled a list of our favorite digital marketing companies in New Haven and surrounding areas.

Best Overall New Haven Digital Marketing Company: Coforge



Coforge is a full-service advertising agency that prides itself on its inbound marketing skillset. By creating high-value content, rather than slapping advertisements across the web, Coforge aims to convert readers and visitors into high-quality leads. The company has an extensive 20-year history of successful B2B marketing campaigns and, though they work with many different digital marketing strategies, excel at search optimization and web design.

More About Coforge:

  • Location: New Haven
  • # of Employees: 7
  • Annual Revenue: $1 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Hourly Fee: $100-$149
  • Notable Clients: Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts of America, AT&T

Reasons to Choose Coforge:

  • A HubSpot certified agency partner and a top digital agency award recipient
  • Has teams based in New Haven and New York City that can collaborate on large-scale projects
  • Inbound marketing specialists with expertise in search optimization and web design

Featured Review:

“We are very happy with the quick response and the high level of expertise CoForge provides. We have been with them for several years and they work hard providing sustaining resources for our company, as we navigate the digital age.” – Olson Development LLC (via Google)

Best New Haven Digital Marketing Company for E-commerce: Silverman Group


Silverman Group

Silverman Group is a collection of highly creative and well-connected people who work together as a full-service marketing agency. The organization has worked with many big-name brands, as well as local Connecticut businesses, to build online platforms including popular e-commerce stores. Through website development, email marketing, and e-commerce deployment, Silverman Group is ready to take your digital presence to the next level. They also offer a swath of traditional marketing services across several unique platforms.

More About Silverman Group:

  • Location: New Haven
  • # of Employees: 8
  • Annual Revenue: $1 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: Starter, PepsiCo, Fairfield University, Cisco

Reasons to Choose Silverman Group:

  • Has connections to multiple broadcast outlets and record labels for multi-channel marketing approaches
  • Has worked as both an agency and a client and understands how important communication and collaboration are from both ends
  • Provides a robust list of services aside from digital marketing including sports, music, and movie marketing

Featured Review:

“The team at Silverman Group did a fantastic job at creating and executing the best event marketing plan for our company. It was hands down one of the best experiences.” – Marisa Estrada of Ritzy Periwinkle (via Google)

Best New Haven Digital Marketing Company for Digital Advertising: The Janice Christopher Agency


the janice christopher agency

Since being founded in 2009, The Janice Christopher Agency has aimed to help small businesses rethink their marketing strategies by clearing out the attic of aging tactics and revitalizing brands with contemporary, digital approaches. Once a certified financial planner, Janice Christopher has seen how people and businesses make money, and which ones tend to best succeed. Through a collection of pay-as-you-go small business marketing packages, The Janice Christopher Agency guides small businesses into the modern digital age at whatever pace the business is prepared to take.

More About The Janice Christopher Agency:

  • Location: New Haven
  • # of Employees: 2
  • Annual Revenue: $414,000 (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: New Haven Pilates, Fox 61 News, New Haven Reads

Reasons to Choose The Janice Christopher Agency:

  • Is upfront about their suite of digital solutions before you make a financial commitment
  • Over 30 years of experience building up small businesses through cutting-edge digital marketing techniques
  • Offers a free consultation

Featured Review:

“We’ve been a client of Janice’s for several years now utilizing her SEO and digital advertising services. We’re so glad that we made the investment…! Since we started working with the JCA, we’ve tripled our office space and doubled our staff. We’re thrilled that we can be of service to more clients in our community. Best investment for our business hands down!” – Amy Palmer, Co-Owner of Center for NeuroPotential (via Google)

Best New Haven Digital Marketing Company for Social Media Promotion: GEM Advertising


GEM Advertising

Founded in 2008, GEM Advertising has experienced monumental growth under CEO Chris Bartlett, winner of the 2009 Connecticut Small Business Person of the Year. This full-service advertising agency utilizes digital marketing as but one facet of its multi-pronged marketing approach. Though located in New Haven, GEM Advertising has an international reach. The team focuses on maximizing your ROI to ensure that the client is always happy with the results.

More About GEM Advertising:

  • Location: New Haven
  • # of Employees: 24
  • Annual Revenue: $3 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: Griffin Health, Hawk-Eye Innovations, TEDx

Reasons to Choose GEM Advertising:

  • Utilizes a human-first approach to business that sees the people behind the numbers, and focuses on the unique needs of the clients and their customers
  • Has developed a three-phase proprietary Growth Experience Model that turns authentic brand experiences into aggressive growth
  • An international agency with nine different departments that can combine digital marketing with any other element of marketing that’ll lead to your success

Featured Review:

“The GEM team has been unbelievable to work with. They’re so incredibly responsive and are always getting back to me within minutes of sending an email or making a call. The materials were well-planned, well-designed and really stood out. I highly recommend them.” – Jason Bernstein, former Managing Director Hawk-Eye Innovations (via GEM Advertising)

Best New Haven Digital Marketing Company for Email Marketing and B2B Projects: Mascola Group


Mascola Group

With its roots dating all the way back to 1987, Mascola Group has kept its offices in the same New Haven building despite the company’s unprecedented growth. Now, Mascola Group is a full-service marketing agency with a dedicated B2B marketing branch that focuses solely on business to business communication. Mascola Group has helped an eclectic array of clients achieve their marketing and sales goals through customized marketing plans, rather than any cookie-cutter approach.

More About Mascola Group:

  • Location: Boston
  • # of Employees: 21
  • Annual Revenue: $4 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: Subway, Park New Haven, The Union Building

Reasons to Choose Mascola Group:

  • An entire branch of the agency is dedicated to B2B marketing that generates leads and drives sales for businesses
  • Has a track record of optimizing campaigns as they progress and reducing the costs of leads as they accrue
  • Uses integrated marketing tactics with measurable results and targeted sales funnels

Featured Review:

“This is a world-renowned company tucked into a historic building on New Haven’s East Shore. You wouldn’t know how talented the people in this building are unless you worked with them. If you need to be more successful, ask these people to help you to grow your business.” (via Yelp)

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