The Best Waterbury Digital Marketing Companies

Best Waterbury Digital Marketing Companies
(Last Updated On: March 15, 2021)

Do you have a business in Waterbury that is sorely in need of an updated marketing approach? As more consumers move online, your digital marketing strategy becomes all the more important for the success of your business, and that’s where Waterbury digital marketing companies come in.

There are a number of local agencies with digital marketing teams that are ready to refresh your web presence. With the advent of new online platforms and marketing channels popping up faster than any one person can keep up with, it’s important to align your business with a team of experts who can build the most effective digital marketing strategies for your brand. We have listed our favorite digital marketing companies in and around Waterbury, Connecticut to give you a head start on your research.

Best Overall Waterbury Digital Marketing Company: WORX



Founded over three decades ago, WORX has been a local Waterbury digital marketing powerhouse since its beginnings. Having served countless local and national brands, WORX has developed unique marketing strategies for each business it has worked with in order to achieve its specific goals. Branding and digital marketing are WORX’s bread and butter. They can guide you and your business on a course through brand development, digital infrastructure, and app integrations, or simply help you get leads and likes with targeted advertising and social media strategies.

More About WORX:

  • Location: Prospect, CT
  • # of Employees: 29
  • Annual Revenue: $4 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Awards: Graphic Design USA National Award Winner, Hartford Business Journal Best Places to Work in Connecticut
  • Notable Clients: United Way, Special Olympics Connecticut, Crystal Rock

Reasons to Choose WORX:

  • Decades of experience serving local Connecticut businesses
  • Combines branding and integrated digital marketing strategies using in-house teams of down-to-earth people
  • A Google Premier Partner, HubSpot Solutions Partner, and Microsoft Advertising Partner

Featured Review:

“The WORX Group Team…was and is always extremely quick to respond to any question, comment or concern. Additionally, this team of professionals remains a valuable resource as the police department navigates through the website and social media pages WORX Group created. The partnership was seamless and WORX Group was always open to the police department’s ideas and suggestions. Thanks to WORX our new digital presence helps to further enhance the relationship the police department has with the community and the Greater Waterbury Area. WORX Group is an amazing group of individuals, all who genuinely care about those they work for and with.” – Waterbury Police Department (via Google)

Best Waterbury Digital Marketing Company for Digital Advertising: Keep Up Marketing Agency


Keep Up Marketing Agency

Inspired by keeping their clients up-to-date on the latest marketing trends, Keep Up Marketing Agency uses the latest, cutting-edge digital marketing techniques to stay ahead of the game. Founded in 2017, the agency has seen meteoric success during its short history under founder Brian Melendez. By utilizing web design, graphic design, and video production alongside a suite of ever-evolving digital marketing channels, Keep Up Marketing Agency is best for those who want the latest and greatest in online advertising, and nothing short of it.

More About Keep Up Marketing Agency:

  • Location: Southington, CT
  • # of Employees: 5
  • Annual Revenue: $990,000 (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: TAPOUT Fitness, SportsClips, Farmers Insurance

Reasons to Choose Keep Up Marketing Agency:

  • Offers a free digital audit and marketing strategy
  • A rating and 5-star average customer review at the Better Business Bureau
  • Offers services that can be purchased separately or in targeted marketing packages

Featured Review:

“I’ve been working with Brian at Keep Up Marketing now for about a couple years now. And we made a significant investment in the marketing, especially digital marketing. And my experience with Keep Up Marketing is that the return on my investment has been anywhere between 3.5 to 5 times my initial expenditure. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them. They are very responsive and I would highly recommend them for the digital marketing services.” – Mike Fererri, Midtown Business Center (via Keep Up Marketing Agency)

Best Waterbury Digital Marketing Company for Web Design and Development: Kangaroo Partners


Kangaroo Partners

Kangaroo Partners debuted in 1999 when the Internet was still young. The team is extremely passionate about their work and has adapted to new digital technologies and methodologies as they’ve emerged over the years. Kangaroo Partners prides themselves on their penchant for all things optimization, whether that be a brand’s overall marketing strategy or its web design. It’s all about clean and efficient design at Kangaroo Partners.

More About Kangaroo Partners:

  • Location: Waterbury, CT
  • # of Employees: 3
  • Annual Revenue: $566,000 (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: Molly’s Jewelers, Birdseye Healthcare, Therapeutics Unlimited

Reasons to Kangaroo Partners:

  • Utilizes an optimized-for-business approach to web design that puts user experience above all else
  • Has offices in Connecticut and New York that can collaborate on large-scale regional projects
  • Has a long-running reputation of results-driven methodology that turns into positive ROI for their clients

Featured Review:

“I have worked with Kalman over the last few years on various projects. His eye for excellent web design and comprehensive program development is masterful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional looking site.” – Zevi Friedman, Rock Island Group (via Kangaroo Partners)

Best Waterbury Digital Marketing Company for Email and Content Marketing: Homebase Digital


Homebase Digital

Having been a family-owned business since 1867, Homebase Digital certainly knows how to keep up with the times. This digital marketing company has the resources and reputation of a 150-year old company, but they have the enthusiasm and innovative mindset of a startup, which has helped them succeed over the years. They’ve developed both local and nationally-focused teams to focus their resources more appropriately for the different types of clients they work for.

More About Homebase Digital:

  • Location: Meriden, CT
  • # of Employees: 24
  • Annual Revenue: $4 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: YMCA, Workforce Alliance, Elim Park

Reasons to Choose Homebase Digital:

  • Has developed partnerships with best in class digital services
  • Values long-term partnerships with clients
  • Utilizes unconventional digital marketing tactics such as streaming TV services, social media contests, and reputation management

Featured Review:

“When we ran this digital marketing campaign with Homebase Digital we saw an immediate increase in childcare enrollments in a short time period. Their expertise made this campaign a huge success. They quickly created a campaign to reach our exact target audience in the right locations at the right time to drive amazing results.” – Joan Goodman, Membership and Marketing Director of Meriden-New Britain-Berlin YMCA (via Homebase Digital)

Best Waterbury Digital Marketing Company for Search Engine Optimization: Develomark



Putting people before profits is at the heart of every move Develomark makes. That means clients, their customers, and Develomark’s own employees are the focal point of every campaign. By being honest and transparent with its marketing approach, Develomark brings its clients into the digital strategy and shows how the various elements will be implemented. Through web design, search engine optimization, social media management, digital advertising, and metric tracking, Develomark is dedicated to get your business more leads, sales, and likes.

More About Develomark:

  • Location: Southington, CT
  • # of Employees: 78
  • Annual Revenue: $15 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Notable Clients: CT Moving & Storage, Superior Cleaning Solutions, Spark Weddings

Reasons to Choose Develomark:

  • Is passionate about serving small, local businesses and getting them a great ROI
  • Has developed in-house tools and systems to connect with your audience at a fraction of the price of a traditional agency
  • Is transparent about their processes, strategies, and tools so that the client can see and understand all elements of the marketing approach

Featured Review:

“Ruan and his team at Develomark have been a huge help to my business. He’s helped market every facet of my business from the start and we have seen exponential growth. If you need help with marketing, SEO, or anything to help you reach your ideal client, look no further. Ruan and his team are the best. I feel very lucky to have found them.” – William McEvoy, New England Hypnosis & Weight Loss (via Google)

While we’d like to think that we’re the best digital marketing agency to meet every company’s needs, we recognize that there are excellent agencies with different areas of expertise and those that specialize in certain areas. We’ve created this list to recognize some of those top-notch agencies and help you find the best digital marketing company to meet your business’s unique needs. At All Points Digital, we can help build your brand with the latest advertising tools and SEO tactics. We’ll analyze your business metrics, scrutinize your industry, and build a comprehensive digital marketing plan that’ll align with your business goals. Our team of creative thinkers will tailor a campaign that is specific to your brand no matter whether you’re targeting a local, regional, or completely online audience.