Google Analytics Update – Personal Accounts Accessing Issue


(UPDATE: it appears Google rolled back this update late in the evening on March 1st and has moved accounts back to the previous placement within the Properties and Views section dropdown.)

Today as of around 4:30 PM EST, it appears Google Analytics has been reconfigured to have moved account level information from the Properties and Views section to the top righthand side of the navigation panel, next to the email you have signed in under.

The presents itself at an agency level when you may have more than one organization in which you need to navigate to. Our team was within another account and when we prompted to navigate back to “Personal Accounts” and then click on “Analytics”, nothing happened. Our page was not refreshed and now we are currently unable to navigate to a slew of Properties that we have under “Personal Accounts”. We are hoping this is a bug that quickly gets fixed!

One more addition, oddly we are able to navigate between accounts seamlessly BESIDES “Personal Accounts”.

We’ll be sure to keep this article up-to-date as to a fix!