Why Is “shop.app” Showing Up for Referral Transactions?


Many Shopify sites are seeing a new referral source in Google Analytics called “shop.app” which is being credited for multiple transactions. Don’t worry if you are seeing this, as this is happening to everyone. This is due to Shopify’s digital shopping assistant which was released recently.

When someone visits a Shopify website and utilizes the new Shopify Shopping Assistant feature, the referral transaction is set as shop.app. While the assistant feature is fantastic, if you don’t take the correct steps in GA (listed below), then it does distort your referral traffic/conversion attribution. This type of attribution issue happens for other checkout methods, such as PayPal, Affirm and many others.

How to Fix Shop.App Referral Issue

Adding a referral exclusion is extremely easy within Google Analytics.  Click here to see Google’s Referral Exclusion directions.