Top Digital Marketing Tools 2017: The Best Software & Platforms

Digital marketing tools & software

Chief Marketing Tech does a yearly round up of the technology/marketing tools. In 2016 there were over 3000. The wide array of selection can be overwhelming, or exciting depending on your point of view. Here, I’m listing the most popular, heavily used, and feature-rich products guaranteed to help your business get the most from these technologies.

Broken down by subcategories, here are your digital marketing tools:

Marketing Automation (4)




HubSpot Dashboard

Summary: HubSpot is known as the easiest to use marketing automation tool. HubSpot themselves are one of the most educational companies around digital marketing focusing on Inbound Marketing, SEO, email, and social media.


  • Advanced email segmenting
  • Landing pages, blog posting, forms, reporting, and A/B testing, CRM and sales
  • Unlimited integration options

Price: HubSpot starts Free for their most basic features, with most sites falling between Pro $800/mo and Enterprise $2,400/mo.




Infusionsoft Dashboard

Summary: Another popular marketing automation tool for small businesses is Infusionsoft. It is a common find in the e-commerce market, as well as other industries that have frequent online sales.


  • Handles online sales, a feature most marketing automation tools do not offer.
  • Both web and mobile payments
  • Sales automation

Price: Infusionsoft starts at $199/mo with its largest package at $599/mo plus other possible add-ons for more leads or emails.




Marketo Dashboard

Summary: Marketo is a highly advanced automation tool with a vast array of features, options, packages, and more. When your company has an extensive list of 100k+ Marketo is the next step for lead scoring, segmentation, automation, and data.


  • Account based marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Digital Advertising

Price: Marketo pricing is highly intricate with several options each feature package. There is no pricing information on the site.




ClickFunnels Dashboard

Summary: ClickFunnels is a price-friendly tool that offers automation, integration and unlimited emails without compromising quality. It is easy to use, has a drag and drop design feature, and allows you to sell and automate marketing.


  • Mobile phone marketing automation
  • Works with your online sales
  • Unlimited emails and leads

Price: From $97 for the standard package to $297 for the full suite.

Account-Based Marketing (2)




Engagio Dashboard

Summary: Engagio allows your marketing team to focus on ideal clients for your company. Once you’ve selected accounts, bring them into Engagio for account based analytics that integrate with most marketing automation platforms, and allow you to be more specific with different channels of marketing, and get sales and marketing teams to align for best results.


  • Multiple team members on target account
  • Personalized and individually reviewed emails
  • Every appointment, sales call, email, interaction from their team in one location

Price: Not listed, must get a demo.




Demandbase Dashboard

Summary: Demandbase is another account-based marketing solution. They offer integrations with several other tools outside of marketing automation, to make an easier leap to sales, advertising, and analytics. The dashboard seems to be feature rich, and complicated, though gives the user every tool possible to get the job done.


  • Includes account-based advertising and sales
  • Data enrichment
  • Implementation services

Price: Not listed, must get a demo.


Business Automation (3)




Zapier Dashboard

Summary: Quite simply this tool helps data from one application talk to another. If you make a list in Asana, Zapier will automatically add cards to Trello. If you have a new email in MailChimp, a new document can be added to Google Documents. Save time, get Zapier.


  • Sharing data
  • Starting new cards, documents, emails, files, etc
  • Automatically sending information

Price: Free to $90.75/mo with 50,000 tasks (note tasks add up quickly).




Segment Dashboard

Summary: Different from Zapier, Segment collects all of your customer data and through their own data processes, they send it where you need it for analytics, projects, etc. Think of it as the ultimate customer database.


  • Collects from several warehouses
  • Over 200 integrations
  • One API to integrate with.

Price: They offer a free account for developers, and paid accounts start at $100/mo.

IFTTT (If this then that)



IFTTT Dashboard

Summary: Another business and information automation tool, IFTTT is completely free and works on many of your favorite apps. It even works on tablets and smartphones.


  • Automate photo sharing
  • Automate messaging
  • Unlimited usage

Price: Free

Email & Messaging (5)




MailChimp Dashboard

Summary: Popularly known for being a free lead capture tool, that allows limited list sizes, and one Final Welcome email, MailChimp became a fast favorite. Once you upgrade to paid accounts, list sizes can increase, and you can automate the sending of many more emails.


  • Extensive integration options
  • Easy contact import
  • Segmentation and automation

Price: Starting at Free, and offering a Pro Marketer account from $199/mo.




ActiveCampaign Dashboard

Summary: ActiveCampaign is more of a marketing automation platform, but because they focus heavily on email marketing we are listing them here. A strong point for AC is the ability to work as a CRM while delivering top-notch email service.


  • SMS Marketing
  • Dynamic Content
  • Contact & Lead Scoring

Price: Their entry level account is $9/mo going up to $149/mo.




SendGrid Dashboard

Summary: Send marketing emails and transactional emails all from one dashboard. SendGrid makes it easy to handle all of your emailing from one place without needing additional integrations. This helps keep you from sending too many messages at once and overwhelming the user.


  • Account creation emails
  • Password resets
  • Account notification emails

Price: Starts at $9.95/mo and increases based on the number of leads and emails sent per month.




Intercom Dashboard

Summary: Track usage of your app and use the information to automate appropriate in-app and email messaging that encourages retention and engagement. Similar to Mixpanel with email marketing and in-app messaging included.


  • Website visitor messaging
  • Support features
  • Authority ebooks

Price: Not listed.




Clevertap Dashboard

Summary: An alternative to Intercom, Clevertap also includes segmenting, funnels, and other campaign options. Specifically for mobile apps and website usage.


  • Revenue attribution
  • Uninstall tracking
  • Device crossover

Price: Free for 10,000,000 data points/mo

Social Media (6)




Buffer Dashboard

Summary: A social media tool that allows you to save multiple messages in a queue that are pulled based on a schedule you set. Along with the browser extension, this is one of the easiest ways to save messages for your social accounts.


  • Unlimited Queue
  • Post Analytics
  • Personalized Schedule

Price: Free for individuals with a 10-item queue. Up to $399/mo for businesses.




Hootsuite Dashboard

Summary: Manage all of your social media activities in one application. Pull in feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and others, while scheduling posts for the future, and monitoring for keywords.


  • Extensive integration library
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Social media University

Price: Free for up to 3 social accounts, then $9.99/mo.




Mention Dashboard

Summary: For companies who expect a lot of chatter about their brand on social media, Mention offers one place to see all of these mentions and respond to them.


  • Mentions from websites
  • All top social media channels
  • Hashtag tracking

Price: Solo plans start at $29/mo.




Gleam Contest

Summary: A social media contest tool that offers a simple to use interface, with several options for collecting data. There’s even a bit of gamification to entice users to compete.


  • Rewards options
  • Pinterest Capture
  • Social galleries

Price: Free to $149/mo.




Rafflecopter Dashboard

Summary: Another social media contest tool with a few additional features that allow competitors to collect more points. Rafflecopter has several integration options so you can share lists with your marketing automation application.


  • Polls & Surveys
  • Real time analytics
  • Pinterest Entries

Price: From $13/mo.

Sprout Social



SproutSocial Dashboard

Summary: Another social media dashboard with a friendly and feature packed design. This is social media for businesses, with reporting, blog subscription feeds, and a beautifully easy-to-use interface.


  • Limited queue
  • Multiple analytics and reporting options
  • Scheduling to top social platforms

Price: From $99/mo.



Content Marketing (7)




SumoMe Dashboard

Summary: A suite of marketing tools that help you increase traffic all in a WordPress plugin. Several of the features are free to use, or at least to some extent, and analytics for usage are included as well.


  • Social sharing
  • Popups and pop overs
  • Email service integration

Price: Starts free




Contently Dashboard

Summary: Contently puts all of your content marketing activities in one tool. Create content, optimize it, add images, etc. Then, publish it and share it to email lists, social media, and other outlets. Finally, track what is working to make decisions for improvement.


  • Track attention time
  • Link content to sales
  • See stats by team member

Price: Not listed, must request demo.




Outbrain Dashboard

Summary: Outbrain hosts thousands of publishers who allow ads on their sites to promote your content. On the other side of Outbrain you can join to have the ads on your site, and earn ad revenue.


  • Specify website categories
  • Include images in ads
  • See how each ad performs

Price: Ad spend.




Quuu Dashboard

Summary: As Buffer allows you to set items in a queue for delivery, Quuu gives you content to auto-fill Buffer. Choose your favorite categories and Quuu will send new content everyday. They also offer content promotion, for as little as $30 per post.


  • Choose from hundreds of categories
  • Select up to 10 shares per day
  • Add Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin

Price: From Free to $30/mo.




Buzzsumo Dashboard

Summary: Buzzsumo offers a searchable database of content titles and topics from the last year for you to identify the most popular content. This allows you to find popular topics for your content marketing strategies.


  • Customizable search
  • Saved searches
  • Alerts for content popularity

Price: From $79/mo




Contentools Dashboard

Summary: It’s always best to work in one platform whenever possible, and Contentools makes that easy for content marketers. Inside Contentools a marketer can research content, collaborate on content, write, schedule, publish, and share.


  • Client and team collaboration
  • Content marketers for hire
  • Analytics for content

Price: Not listed




Zest Dashboard

Summary: Zest is a chrome extension for new tabs that presents curated marketing content. All content goes through one of the co-founders before being posted to the site to ensure top quality. Marketers can suggest links, and follow their favorite users.


  • Leveled reads
  • Topics by category
  • Follow favorite experts

Price: Free

Search Engine Optimization (5)

Screaming Frog



Screaming Frog

Summary: Screaming Frog is a popular industry tool used to help you visualize the SEO meta data on your website. There is a free version but it only offers a certain level of information. This tool helps you perfect your onsite SEO information.


  • Find broken links
  • Analyze image data
  • Generate sitemaps

Price: Free up to 500 URLs, then £149/yr




Moz Dashboard

Summary: Research keyword opportunities to identify where your website can rank. You’ll see opportunities for low hanging fruit, and see how competitors rank.


  • Helpful browser extensions
  • Insights for easy improvements
  • Extensive knowledge libraries

Price: From $99/mo




Ahrefs Dashboard

Summary: The most important aspect of SEO is linking, and with Ahrefs you’ll see where your links are coming from, where competitors get links, and changes in linking.


  • Monitor linking
  • Keyword rankings
  • Mobile rankings

Price: From $99/mo




MarketMuse Dashboard

Summary: A unique SEO tool that helps you find appropriate context for your article. Include the right language for improved rankings.


  • Site audit
  • Article audit
  • Suggested content

Price: From $500/mo




Hittail Dashboard

Summary: There are hundreds of long tail keywords you could possibly rank for and Hittail helps you identify the best ones for your site.


  • Extensive keyword lists
  • Limited ranking information
  • Web page audits

Price: From $19.95/mo

Testing (5)




Optimizely Dashboard

Summary: Easily load your site into Optimizely to construct and implement A/B testing experiments. Experiments can be based on several options, such as audiences, revenue, and conversions.


  • Statistical significance
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Click tracking

Price: Free trial, price not listed.

Visual Website Optimizer



VWO Dashboard

Summary: One of the easiest solutions for A/B and split testing on your site. The drag and drop interface makes testing easy, and charts help improve decision making.


  • Research and user feedback
  • Personalization options
  • Heatmaps

Price: From $49/mo

Google Optimize 360

Summary: Googe uses it’s analytics platform and adds testing capabilities. Optimize 360 is easy to use, and works flawlessly with your analytics making it a supremely powerful tool in conversions.


  • Native Google analytics integration
  • Goals, Layers, Audiences from Google Analytics
  • Data relies on proper Google Analytics implementation

Price: In Beta, price not listed.




Unbounce Dashboard

Summary: Build landing pages quickly from templates. Extensive customizations for web and mobile pages, and simple testing.


  • Dozens of landing page templates
  • Ability to design your own page quickly
  • Integration with several tools

Price: Free 30 Day Trial, then from $49/mo




Instapage Dashboard

Summary: Landing pages that integrate and work on WordPress. Make your landing page, and get a free link to share and test it for free for 14 days.


  • Templates to work from.
  • Integration on WordPress sites.
  • Widgets, timers, form integration.

Price: From $29/mo paid annually.

Tracking/ Reporting (3)




Hotjar Dashboard

Summary: Use heatmaps, surveys, and NPS to discover how users and visitors use your site, then make decisions on how to improve your product or service.


  • Recordings
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Form analysis

Price: Starts free for 2,000 page views/mo




Mixpanel Dashboard

Summary: Track every action your user takes, from signing in to where they click, what they read, and what features they use in your application.


  • Mobile or Web
  • Extensive usage reports
  • Optimize for increased usage

Price: Starts Free for 20 Million *Data points/mo

*Data points go quickly, every active user may use thousands of data points per month.

Google Analytics



Google Analytics Dashboard

Summary: Google Analytics (GA) is the most widely known and used website reporting solution. Get simple reports from traffic, and complex reporting including goals.


  • Customizable reports
  • Custom audiences
  • Easily integrated with just about any tool

Price: Starts free.

Ads & Retargeting (3)




Adroll Dashboard

Summary: Handle your online advertising through Adroll. They include advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and others. One platform, several advertising options.


  • 500 ad exchanges
  • Performance monitoring
  • Agency accounts

Price: Based on advertising spend.

Perfect Audience



Perfect Audience Dashboard

Summary: Retarget your ads based on traffic you’ve already gotten. Once visitors leave your site, you can still share your message in advertising opportunities, all through Perfect Audience.


  • Mobile retargeting
  • Revenue tracking
  • Cookie Freshness

Price: Free for 14 Days, based on advertising spend.




Spyfu Dashboard

Summary: See what your competitors are doing for ads. Get access to their copy, keywords, and more. Know all about your competition before spending money on advertising.


  • Seo & Ppc research
  • Eliminate poor performing keywords
  • Find best ad copy

Price: From $44/mo paid annually.

Mobile (2)




Accengage Dashboard

Summary: A tool for connecting with mobile users through push notifications, Facebook messenger, and within your apps. Used to improve conversions, engagement, and retention.


  • Watch notifications
  • Analytics, reporting
  • Geomarketing

Price: Not listed




Apptentive Dashboard

Summary: The mobile option to interact with your users. Apptentive provides support options, in-app messaging, surveys, rating prompts, and more. All of these features help you understand your users and make retention decisions.


  • Targeting
  • Reporting
  • Customer success advice

Price: 30-Day free trial for up to 100,000 users.

Dashboards (2)




Cyfe dashboard

Summary: One dashboard for all of your most important metrics. Cyfe has extensive options to display all of the information you need on your dashboards.


  • Custom Data Sources
  • Real Time Data
  • Unlimited customizations

Price: Free to start




Dasheroo dashboard

Summary: Another dashboard option that is the easiest to use. The average internet user can quickly set up beautiful dashboards for their team without knowing code or other technical terms.


  • Chart display options
  • Alerts
  • Correlation & Causation Mashups

Price: Free to start

Images & Video




Canva Dashboard

Summary: A free tool that makes design easy and user-friendly. Free templates for the most popular dimension sizes (from social media to advertising) and some free stock images to use.


  • Upload your own photos
  • Work design platform
  • Drag and drop image elements

Price: Starts free.




Piktochart Dashboard

Summary: Design your own infographics with a simple to use web app. There are several infographic templates to choose from, as well as premium options.


  • Build reports and presentations
  • Charts, maps, icons, images
  • High res downloads

Price: Free to start




Wistia Dashboard

Summary: A video hosting platform that gives videos a premium look without advertising. Unprecedented video analytics with video heatmaps and viewing trends.


  • Content control
  • Video interactivity
  • Tool integration

Price: Start by hosting 3 videos for free.

With thousands of digital marketing products on the market, what are some of your favorites? What are others you’ve heard of that we haven’t included here?


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