Best Minneapolis SEO Companies

Best Minneapolis SEO Companies
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Sometimes, having a local agency deal with your business’s SEO needs can pay big dividends. Local SEO companies bring insider knowledge on your specific market to the table and are often more capable of understanding and catering to your company’s specific needs. But finding the right digital marketing agency can be challenging. There are lots of things to consider, such as the agency’s experience in your industry or niche, the services they offer, and the results they’ve gotten for previous clients.

If you’re looking for a local SEO company in Minneapolis, we’ve identified five leading Minneapolis SEO companies to help you find the right fit, along with all the useful info we could find about each company’s size, revenue, services offered, specialties, customer reviews and testimonials, and more.

Best Overall Minneapolis SEO Company: Hook Agency


Hook Agency

Founded in 2012, Hook Agency is a Minneapolis-based SEO company that specializes in web design, SEO services, branding, and marketing for small businesses. Some of the services the agency offers include the creation of keyword-targeted content, backlink building, and the use of data-driven strategies to increase traffic. The agency’s founder and lead strategist, Tim Brown, has written for Forbes and has been referenced by industry experts Larry Kim, Jeff Bullas, and Neil Patel.

More About Hook Agency: 

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • # of Employees: 6-20 
  • Annual Revenue: $8 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Monthly Fee: plans start at $3,497/month
  • Notable Clients: Medicus IT, First American Roofing & Siding, Sustainable Nine

Reasons to Choose Hook Agency:

  • Hook Agency’s average client gets over 113% more traffic year over year and 37.8% more leads
  • Agency has 40+ 5-star reviews
  • Complete transparency on work completed and upcoming tasks

Featured Review: 

“Our SEO position and inbound leads were almost nonexistent. Within 3 months our website authority had drastically increased—we were consistently receiving organic leads.” – Greg Toler, Medicus IT (via Hook Agency)

Best Minneapolis SEO Company for Local Businesses: Snap Agency

Snap Agency

Founded in 2011 as a subsidiary and incorporated in 2013, Snap Agency is a digital marketing and SEO company with a strong pedigree in the field, having worked with hundreds of customers – from Fortune 100 to high-growth startups. Snap Agency partners with B2B and B2C businesses to optimize leads, sales, and brand growth, and to provide partners and clients with maximum ROI. The agency specializes in SEO, SEM, brand strategy, web design, web development, and e-commerce, and also offers services in social media marketing and email marketing.

More About Snap Agency: 

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • # of Employees: 24
  • Annual Revenue: $2 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Hourly Rate: $100-149/hour 
  • Awards: Horizon Interactive Awards, Google Analytics Award, Best SEO Companies (SEO Blog)
  • Notable Clients: Insignia Systems, Stronghold Safety, TCF Bank

Reasons to Choose Snap Agency:

  • Regularly refines engagement strategies and tactics to drive stronger growth for your brand
  • Outreach and backlink strategy proven to get more quality links and boost visibility
  • Analyzes your industry, tells you who is winning at backlinks, and delivers strategy to put you one step ahead of the competition

Featured Review: 

“I have had the pleasure of working with Snap Agency for a while now and I can honestly say, we wish we started working with them sooner! From the responsive communication to their fresh outlook on digital marketing, we have loved their passion, professionalism, and everything that they are about. I am excited to continue working with the Snap Team as we dive into a few website discovery projects to continue to improve our online traffic and sales. Thanks for everything you do Snap Team!” – Savanna Petersen (via SEO Blog)

Best Minneapolis SEO Company for Lead Generation & Link-Building: The Guerilla Agency



Founded in 2012 by SEO expert Clayton Johnson, The Guerrilla Agency is a full-service digital marketing and SEO agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, website design, video production, brand strategy, and paid advertising. Guerilla’s clients have benefited from an average 400% increase in organic traffic, a 300% average increase in lead generation, and a 500% average click-through rate increase.

More About The Guerrilla Agency: 

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • # of Employees: 2-9
  • Annual Revenue: $200,000 (per ZoomInfo)
  • Monthly Fee: From ~$2,000/month 
  • Notable Clients: Humach, Vitamin D Council, ALD Inc.

Reasons to Choose The Guerrilla Agency:

  • Packages are designed specifically to drive more traffic to your website and help convert traffic once there
  • Has relationships with several thousand websites for backlink building
  • Uses data to create custom-built strategies for each and every client

Featured Review: 

“The Guerilla Agency has been like an extension of our internal marketing team. They were instrumental in building our website and used their expertise and our desired outcomes to create an impressive website that enhances our brand immensely. They’ve also done fantastic work on the SEO side and helped us boost our visibility to get more potential clients.” – Alex Lebl, Humach (via The Guerilla Agency)

Best Minneapolis SEO Company for SEO Strategy & SEM: 405 Media Group


405 Media

405 Media Group is a Minneapolis-based web marketing company that specializes in SEO, SEM, PPC, web design, social media marketing, and reputation management. Founded in 2008, 405 Media Group’s team has over 30 years of experience in fine-tuning marketing processes for local and national businesses.

More About 405 Media Group: 

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • # of Employees: 84 
  • Annual Revenue: $17 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Hourly Rate: $100-149/hour
  • Awards: Listed in SEO Blog’s Best eCommerce SEO Companies & Best SEO Companies; Top SEO Agencies 2020 (Upcity); Best SEO Firms 2020 (SEM Firms)

Reasons to Choose 405 Media Group:

  • Monitors performance to optimize strategy
  • Data-driven processes
  • Customized approach to web design and SEO strategy

Featured Review: 

“405 Media Group went above and beyond to ensure all of my needs were met. They are simply the best at giving businesses the exposure they need to grow and thrive.” – Haley Prestwood, (via Upcity)

Best Minneapolis SEO Company for SEO & Brand and Identity Solutions: Agency Jet


Jet Agency is headquartered in Minneapolis and also has offices in Milwaukee, Columbus, and Kansas City. It works with companies locally and nationwide to increase their online presence. Jet specializes in SEO, SEM (PPC), logo design, social media, and web design. Founded by experienced digital marketing and SEO expert Darrin Gerr in 2012, Jet Agency has since established itself as one of the Minneapolis area’s most trusted and successful SEO companies.

More About Agency Jet: 

  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • # of Employees: 26
  • Annual Revenue: $5 million (per ZoomInfo)
  • Hourly Rate: $100-149/hour
  • Notable Clients: Osterbauer Law Firm, Sidekick, Inc., Durall, The Woods Gifts, Class C Components

Reasons to Choose Agency Jet:

  • Offers a 100% educational (no sales) website and marketing assessment free of charge
  • All Agency Jet clients have access to a real-time analytics platform, automated reporting, activities tracking, and live calls to gauge results
  • All clients have a money-back guarantee with marketing campaigns if not satisfied on month 4 of the campaign

Featured Review: 

“We saw a significant increase in our site’s organic traffic after Agency Jet’s work. Most of the materials they created helped lead to an effective campaign and improved on our online visibility.” – CEO, Energy Bar Company (via Agency Jet)

Getting ahead in today’s digital market is challenging. But by sourcing the services of a local SEO company that knows your brand, niche, and competitors, you might just be able to take a big step in the direction of success. Whatever your business, you need to find an SEO company that’s a good fit, suited to your business’s specific needs and objectives, and one that cares about your business as much as you do. It’s also, however, important to recognize that different SEO companies offer different perspectives and expertise in different areas. And that’s why we created this list – to help you find an SEO company that will provide a customized, results-driven service that caters to your business’s unique needs.

At All Points Digital, we understand the struggle to be seen in a crowded market. To boost your visibility, we focus on leveraging data to provide a truly customized and results-driven SEO strategy that simultaneously provides the best customer experience for your audience. We also know that the ability to adapt to change is critical to success, so we use real-time data and employ an ongoing optimization approach to stay fluid, agile, and drive the results that will put our clients’ businesses one step ahead of the rest.