The Best of the Shopify Blog

Best of the Shopify Blog

As one of the leading e-commerce website platforms on the market, Shopify powers many online businesses. For any new retailer, Shopify typically answers the call because it is an easy to use platform that seamlessly integrates e-commerce functionality. It is an incredible story for a company founded to sell surfboards. Based on their unconventional founding, Shopify maintains a focus on helping its customers grow their businesses as well. Interestingly, the Shopify blog is one of the underrated avenues that people can utilize to learn not only about Shopify, but also find inspiration and case studies on growing their businesses.

From articles and guides to webinars and events, the Shopify blog caters to the various needs of the thousands of companies built on its platform.

Find Inspiration On the Shopify Blog

Shopify promotes blog articles that spur creative inspiration. For example, the Inspiration & Creativity section includes tips to boost creativity to lists of favorite designs all in the effort to push your boundaries. A few of our favorite Shopify blog posts include:

Finally, this section also focuses on independent freelancing, user experience and working with clients. As a result, the blog provides an all-inclusive space to help boost your inspiration and learn about new ideas for a variety of digital marketing needs.

Case Studies

Another important section of the Shopify blog are the case studies. Thousands of companies rely on Shopify to power their web sites, so it is only natural that there are multiple pivotal case studies. From freelancer stories to increasing conversion rates, the various case studies offer a little something for everyone. A few of our favorite case studies include:

The case studies section highlights the stories of Shopify sites that truly push the boundaries of the technical capabilities of the platform. As a result, if you utilize Shopify and have a specific problem, look at some of the case studies and you might find a solution. And, if not, you might learn something that starts you down the right track to your specific solution.

Grow Your Business

Through the Grow Your Business section of the Shopify blog, companies can learn actionable items to expand your firm. Although this section focuses on web design freelancers and/or agencies, the topics can be universal (although primarily for smaller companies). For example, some of the recent articles focus on real time issues to grow awareness and showcase expertise in a remote world.

Ultimately, this section focuses on scale. How do you scale your company and how can Shopify help you accomplish your desired growth. From Shopify to other third party sites, the articles share tools, tips and strategies to help you accomplish your goals.

Shopify Development

Shopify provides an entire ecosystem for the platform. From third party apps to site themes and API integrations, web developers possess ample opportunities to create individual solutions for their (or their clients) problems. As a result, the Shopify blog includes ample content around development needs. The flexibility within the Shopify platform is immense, which means there are multiple subsections within the development content. For example, the following development topics have their own section of content, case studies, tips and tricks:

Shopify creates and promotes a lot of development content because developers provide tools that make retail sites successful. The content helps create more tools that create a virtuous cycle and as they say, a tide that raises all boats. So, if you are struggling with a dev-related issue, then consult the Shopify blog and you may find a solution to your problem.

Shopify News

The Shopify News section operates like many companies leverage their blog. The posts provide general updates and important announcements about Shopify. For example, some recent posts highlight upcoming product changes and showcase how Shopify customers are impacting the world of e-commerce.

The Shopify blog supports the Shopify mission.

“We help people achieve independence by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business. We believe the future of commerce has more voices, not fewer, so we’re reducing the barriers to business ownership to make commerce better for everyone.”

Simply through the categories and content of their blog, Shopify demonstrates another opportunity to grow and engage with your audience. For example, the case studies and tutorials far outpace the company updates, which means plenty of reasons to return to the Shopify blog to learn more. Done right, content marketing isn’t about you, but about your customers and Shopify exemplifies this mindset by producing content that adds value across their platform.