The 10 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)

If you’re selling a product or service on your WordPress website, customer testimonials can be one of the most critical aspects for increasing sales since they are unbiased comments that visitors will read. Not only do testimonials establish credibility, but they help to build trust. Real people using and reviewing your products and services are trusted even more than paid advertising.

To illustrate, if a company representative tells a prospect how excellent your product or services are, they might not find this highly trustworthy since they’ll decide it is simply an employee doing their job. Yet, when a testimonial comes from someone not connected to your company, the result is more trust. If you’re ready to use this form of effective marketing, WordPress has a wide variety of plugins you can install. Here are the 10 best WordPress testimonials plugins.

  1. AB Testimonial Plugin

You can utilize this plugin to display your testimonials through a jQuery slider. It also works well on mobile devices since it is responsive and translation ready. In addition, it uses shortcodes to display the slider. Moreover, you get to play with two built-in designs.

Key Features:

  • Can display a specified number of testimonials per slider
  • Allows visitors to submit testimonials through an Ajax form
  • You can screen testimonials before publishing
  • Looks good on any device

Cost: $17

  1. BNE Testimonials

This WordPress plugin is a rising star with over 3,000 active installs and a 4.9-star satisfaction rating. It works by allowing you to add testimonials through the Write Post screen in the WordPress administration. You can then add a featured image, title, website link, category, tagline and message. Moreover, testimonials can be placed on your website as a slider or a widget. With the categories option, you can display several testimonials on the same page.

Key Features:

  • Sort the order of your testimonials
  • Decide which elements to display
  • Edit the style of the image
  • Pro version comes with additional layout options, star ratings and administrator notifications

Cost: Free for the basic version, $20 for the Pro version 

  1. Testimonials Showcase

This premium plugin comes from Codecanyon, and offers two display options through a grid or a slider. The grid can include as many rows and columns as you choose to configure. Furthermore, you can insert the slider on your homepage header through a shortcode.

Key Features:

  • 15 custom layouts
  • Offers support for five-star ratings
  • Rich snippets for Google search
  • Collect testimonials on your website through a submission form
  • Shortcodes allow you to preview styles before publishing

Cost: $16

  1. Easy Testimonials

This is a popular WordPress plugin that allows for a wide variety of ways to conveniently add testimonials to your website’s pages. You can share them on your posts, sidebars or any other widgetized locations. You also have the option to display a list of testimonials, a random testimonial, image links, a sliding testimonial and more.

Key Features:

  • Displays fading list of testimonials
  • Can use multiple themes on the same page
  • Wide swath of filters
  • Displays testimonials with ratings
  • Can display testimonials using compliant markup
  • Link your testimonials to a custom page

Cost: Free for the basic version, $59 for the Pro Version

  1. Strong Testimonials

This is a full-featured plugin that even novices find easy to use. Yet, it also comes with advanced functionality. Moreover, it is widely used with a 4.9-star rating and over 10,000 active installs. Its front-end form is fully customizable for collecting your testimonials.

Key Features:

  • Add and remove fields
  • Configure email notifications
  • Slide or list display
  • Sort testimonials
  • Gravatar support
  • “Read more” links
  • Support team

Cost: Free

  1. Testimonial Basics

You can use this plugin to add testimonials without any requirements for complicated configurations. Not to mention, some of your styling options include nine different fonts without the need for CSS. If you don’t have much time to figure out code, then this might be the testimonials plugin for you.

Key Features:

  • Supports Gravatars
  • Includes a five-star rating system
  • Has a backup and restore option
  • Offers captchas
  • Comes with input forms for collecting testimonials directly to your website
  • Available in English, German, Dutch, French and Spanish

Cost: Free

  1. Testimonials Rotator

This WordPress testimonials plugin is quite user-friendly, which is probably why it has over 20,000 active installs. The plugin lets you create testimonials as custom post types. You can also get them to rotate through a slider.

Key Features:

  • Displays testimonials through shortcode
  • Can display through widgets
  • Creates custom templates
  • Adds star ratings
  • Includes author name

Cost: Free

  1. Clean Testimonials

You can use this plugin for displaying testimonials through PHP code or shortcodes. Furthermore, it lets visitors submit their own testimonials. All you have to do is use a shortcode to display your submission form.

Key Features:

  • Testimonials can be displayed with pagination
  • You can publish all testimonials
  • Filter by categories
  • Add testimonials to widgets
  • Allows reviewers to upload photos

Cost: Free

  1. Testimonials Widget

This plugin comes in a free and premium version. As a result, you can get basic or more advanced display functions for your testimonials. This plugin has over 60,000 active installs which allows testimonial addition through shortcode or widget. You can then filter your testimonials by categories or tags.

Key Features:

  • Offers transitions such as slide, fade and carousel
  • Supports text, image and video
  • Can be configured to show recent testimonials, all testimonials, by categories or random displays
  • Supports caching and excerpts
  • Displays “RSS” feeds and “More” links
  • Responsive slideshows

Cost: Free

  1. WP Customer Reviews

The name says it all with this plugin. Plus, with over 40,000 active installs, it has a healthy-sized community of users. With WP Customer Reviews, you can create a page just for testimonials. You can also display varying testimonials based on your products and services. Not to mention, you get to decide which testimonials to display.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable sizing
  • Prevents spam
  • Fully customizable
  • Allows admin responses
  • Five-star rating support

Cost: Free

Remember to use real people and details. Fake testimonials often backfire and erode trust. Plus, it helps to place your testimonials in multiple locations to ensure prospects will see them at the right stage in their buying process.